Other Recommendations

Product Recommendations:

Have been searching for a comfortable but pretty non wired bra – hardly anywhere does them – unless I want something really old fashioned with loads of seams! I have taken all the underwires out from my bras but they are still uncomfortable and don’t sit right. I wear the sloggy type vest tops for comfort and sports bras for exercise but really wanted something pretty. Anyway, the other day I found these!

Bralet tops from h&m – £12.99 for pack of 2, lots of different colours too. Adjustable strap so I can lift up the natural boob and loosen over the recon boob. No seams to dig in, really comfy. Only suitable for small boobies but definitely recommend.


I’ve also had a go at making my own – lots of patterns and ideas on pinterest.


Post Surgery Bra: I did lots of research for a good surgery bra. It is important to have one with defined cups to keep the shape of the new boob and to support. I also wanted a seamless one to make it as comfortable in the scar tissue.

Best bra, tried and tested by myself was from Macom – particular for the smaller bust (A-C cup). A little expensive (I paid £71 for 2 including postage) but they give a discount for 2 and worth every penny – and pretty – I bought a black and bright red. They are extremely helpful if you telephone too.

www.macom-medical.com or tel: 0207 351 0488


I would also recommend a shock absorber for extra support for sports. I bought a lovely black and pink one with a front zip for £18 from Wonder bra outlet at Freeport Braintree (near Holister). They were very helpful in store too.

V Cushion: definitely recommend for post surgery – I bought mine with a cover from Amazon for £9.99! bargain and so useful!

Fleece blanket: Primark – can’t go wrong – about £5 or less.


For healing I would recommend Aloe Vera – I grow my own plants and extract the gel and put into ice cube trays and frozen.  It will help with any burns from radiotherapy.  Easy to do and totally natural!  You can also put this clear gel into smoothies – it’s great for the digestive system!


For other products I use Forever living – the aloe sun cream is one of my favourites and the lip balm.  Holland and Barratt do a fab range too – Dr Organics is great, I bought some aloe soap for £2.99! nice and gentle while having radiotherapy and after ops.

I also use pure organic rosehip oil for scar healing – although please note that during radiotherapy and if you have had reconstruction with biomesh like I have you need to stop using for a while.  Always listen to your consultant’s advice.

And organic cold pressed coconut oil for general skin use but I also massage into my scalp to encourage strong hair regrow. Coconut oil is also brilliant for cooking and tastes good.  And of course don’t forget coconut milk – full of nutrients and delicious too!

DoTerra Essential Oils

In many of my posts  you will see I have been experimenting with using these essential oils.  Having been a reflexologist for many years I am open to ways to complement conventional medicines and maybe find other ways to help myself. It’s not for everyone but it’s something that really interestes me.

I feel that this is what I like to do whether it be exercise, nutrition, food, herbs and teas, therapies etc.

Doterra oils are great as they are food grade which means you can ingest some of them either under the tongue or in a capsule.  I have been using them for skin healing, trying to relieve some of the pain I am in, aid sleep, mental wellbeing and so much more. I post lots of info on my blog posts but also on facebook – feel free to check out my page for hint and tips…..https://www.facebook.com/groups/128364817855061/ – Essential oils and how to use them for Support and Wellbeing

I have be experimenting with a rather special oil recently -Copaiba – this oil has high levels of CBD present.  Resently I have been not only been massaging to help with pain, to enhance and magnify the benefits of the other oils like lavender and frankinsence but I have also been drinking in tea to help me sleep, relax and reduce pain from within.  At the moment it has been showing some good results and it is much cheaper than medicinal cannabis oil which I have tried but I can’t continue with the cost.  I have also been given a little hemp plant which is growing well.  I’ve been putting the leaves in tea and drinking.  You have to cover with butter or coconut oil to extract the CBD first and then steep in boiling water and drink.  I slept well.  Early days so can’t say whether this works or not yet.  Will update soon as I need to try properly without being on any other medication.




One thought on “Other Recommendations

  1. So helpful Tracey hope you are doing well. Thank you you helped me, I have ordered the royal Marsden cookbook you take care lots of love Ella xx


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