Homemade Beauty

I love LUSH products, but to be honest they are a bit expensive to keep buying.  So Freya and I have been experimenting on making our own.  I’ll update this page when we try new beauty recipes.


Essential oils that go together:

  • Rosemary and lemon
  • imagePeppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender – great for muscles and joints
    Lavender and eucalyptus – relaxing
  • Lavender and geranium (add oats and coconut milk to a bath bomb – relaxing and great for skin)

This is my favourite book, but there is loads of information on the internet.


Body butter

Super moisturising – great after a shower or bath and can be used in hair as a conditioner too!

  • Raw coconut oil (equal amount to shea)
  • Raw Shea butter (equal to coconut)
  • a dash of caster oil (2 tsp)
  • Aloe vera gel (optional)
  • Essential oils – I used a few drops of each: Peppermint, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rosemary – which are great for muscles, joints and healing and smell lovely

Whisk it up – works fine with a hand whisk or in the nutribullet.  In the summer there is no need to warm as the oil and butter are soft but in the winter you may want to warm the coconut oil first by putting it in a bowl over pan of boiling water (like you would melt chocolate).

Lasts for ages and absorbs really well into the skin.

You could even add some epsom salts to make a salt scrub!


image image image


Edible Lip Scrub

Just 4 ingredients:

1 tablespoon of caster sugar
1 teaspoon of honey
1 teaspoon of coconut oil
1 teaspoon of lemon juice

Mix, pot, rub on lips and lick off!


Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are so easy to make and so good for you.  We’ve made some for teacher presents!  Have 3 main ingredients:

Bicarbonate of Soda – this draws out any toxins – this makes up nearly half proportion of the mix (500g)

Citric acid – half amount to whatever of Bicarbonate of soda is – this produces the fizz and makes up about quarter of the mix (250g) –

I ordered both citric acid and bicarb from eBay but you can get from your local chemist and supermarket just a cheap!

Water – 3/4 teaspoons – or use a spray to get the right consistency.  Too much and they start to activate!

I also added:

Epsom Salts – these increase magnesium levels, help with inflammation and draw out toxins – very detoxing! I used 250g (the same as the citric acid) but you don’t need to add these. You could substitute with sea salts.

Coconut Oil – great for the immune system and to moistures and smooth the skin – I added 3 tablespoons, but shea butter or another oil would work well too. Too much oil and the bath bombs will be softer and not so hard.

Essentials Oils – I used a few drops of each: Lavender (relaxing, relieves stress/anxiety), Rosemary (great for hair growth, muscle relaxing, de-stress), Eucalyptus (one of my favourites – anti inflammatory, antibacterial, decongestant), and Peppermint (calming, good for muscles)

but you can add whatever essential oils you like!

Dried rose petals – we also picked and dried some rose petals – they smelt lovely!

You could add milk powder and oats/oatmeal for a really nourishing bath – great for eczema!



  1. Mix all the dry ingredients together with a metal spoon in one bowl (bicarbonate of soda, circa acid, epsom salts)
  2. Mix the wet ingredients in a separate bowl (coconut oil, essential oils, rose petals)
  3. Add wet to dry and mix – we use our hands!
  4. Gradually add a little water – a teaspoon at a time.  I think a spray bottle would work better next time! The mixture should clump together when squeezed – like damp sand.
  5. Rub some coconut oil or olive oil to silicone moulds (helps them to come out!)
  6. Press the mixture firmly into each mould – leave a little gap at the top as they expand a little.
  7. Leave for at least 3 hours at room temperature or over night.
  8. Ta da! ready for the bath! Relax and enjoy!





How to harvest Aloe Vera


I harvest and freeze in ice cube trays – then I have them handy to add to smoothies or to use on my skin.  Really good for sunburn and acne.

I grow the plants at home to give to people who need them – please pop by if you would like one!

Treat like a cactus – don’t over water, they love a hot sunny conservatory or windowsill – and whatever you do don’t let the frost get them!