Tuesday 23rd August 2016

It’s all about making memories!

2016-08-12 16.53.43We are back from a great 2 weeks or so in Cornwall. I love Cornwall!

Like any family we had our moments – 5 squashed into a caravan is a bit cosy, plus we arrived in some windy and wet weather which wasn’t great but we didn’t take the dogs so we had freedom which worked out easier and we had a absolutely fantastic time! I love spending time with my family. We were lucky and had a smooth journey there and back – I was so worried but just over 7 hours to the tip of Cornwall towing a huge caravan is good going. Yes I hurt but I dosed up and got on with it and tried not to grumble!

2016-08-04 14.41.17With spending less on accommodation meant we had more to spend on going out and doing things. We ate out a lot – I feel so much heavier, but it was great to not have to cook! We ate lots of Cornish pasties – Philps are the best – yum! And lots of delicious Cornish ice cream! We found Dory at the smallest, cutest cinema with sofas. We went shopping in Truro and to the beautiful Cathedral where we lit a candle for everyone in heaven. We even found an amazing garden nursery where we bought some tropical plants t2016-08-05 10.51.35o bring home – yes I finally have a banana tree! We went into St Ives a few times – so beautiful there – we will definitely go back there to stay!

We visited St Michaels Mount which was amazing and picnicked in the beautiful gardens.

2016-08-05 11.41.09

We went coasteering! thank you for treating us Clare (Easypeasy!) – I still can’t believe we jumped off cliffs at Porthminster – Lewis and I managed the high one – felt like I was falling for ages but what have I got to loose eh? The guys from St Ives Surf School were amazing and would definitely recommend!

2016-08-03 15.38.08

We went kayaking with Ian from Vertical Blue in Porthleven. Lewis got caught in the famous Reef wave! He paddled out just in time but loved it – luckily I don’t think he saw the rocks behind him that he could have crashed into! We also bought fresh lobster (Lesley!) and bbqed her!

2016-08-10 13.38.352016-08-10 17.29.52

We met up with friends – Corrine, Chris, Matt and Max – wonderful beach day, evening meal and of course we will never forget our ‘short’ walk – well done Corrine! Jac, Darren and Imogen – thank you for cooking a lovely meal and showing us your beautiful new home. Dave and Pam and doggies – bringers of yummy food – so great to catch up and beach walk – thank you all for helping to make our holidays so special.

2016-08-07 20.05.24 2016-08-07 21.32.17

2016-08-08 12.15.592016-08-07 12.10.162016-08-07 10.28.20

We had a few beach days with some lovely warm weather. This really helped with my pain – I had a few days on holiday where I didn’t feel so bad which was great. Now I notice when I don’t hurt – funny what you get used to. But I’ve been in a lot more pain since coming home, not sure if it’s down to the weather or not resting so much or what. Just hope it’s nothing serious – unfortunately it’s difficult not to think the worst anymore with any new pain. But I’m still here a year and a half later – just got to keep swimming!

2016-08-14 13.53.592016-08-16 09.10.57

We stayed right near Gwithian beach which really was one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen!

We had a perfect celebratory last meal in Cornwall in a lovely Spanish/Italian restaurant call La Casita in Carbis Bay – definitely a recommend too!

2016-08-15 19.13.30

We had a busy holiday (check out my Facebook for loads more photos!), with family time to be treasured 2016-08-16 09.14.36and lots of new memories made.  As it’s all about time with those we love the most!

I feel so lucky to have every extra day with them.  Check out my ‘big crazy hair’ shadow!

2016-08-16 09.12.30

Obligatory family selfie with us all wearing our shades! Got to be done!

So now we are back and of course nothing is going to go smoothly where I’m concerned.  Oh no!

Started Monday evening with a hot flash that I just couldn’t cool down from.  So I drank water, splashed cold water and went for a stroll with Phil and the dogs for some fresh air.  Got home, sat down and the sweat was worse! Drank another glass of water, splashed more cold water and relaxed!  By this time my heart rate was going fast, really  crazy fast! So I went and laid down and did some yoga breathing.  By this point I was feeling quite unwell and my heart literally felt like it was going to explode – my whole body and neck was pulsing – I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. Really quite scary – after all this there was no way I wanted to go by heart attack! So I told Phil to google – which he did – and then called 999!  They got to me pretty quick and it had started to calm (sorry for worrying everyone with the ambulance!).  But they stayed for quite a while – we managed to calm my heart rate and lower my blood pressure by yoga breathing – the paramedics were quite fascinated by my yoga breathing.  So I’m ok – still alive! I feel like a cat with 9 lives!  They agreed I didn’t have to go to hospital as I was stable so long as I went to GP first thing in the morning, and called them faster if it happened again. So I had blood tests this morning for everything and will need to have more in-depth ECGs.  Unfortunately unless they can catch my heart doing crazy stuff then it’s very difficult to diagnose.  I really hope it doesn’t happen again!

I’m also have more pressure pain in my chest, neck and jaw – doctor thinks it’s just more side effects but not serious! I hope he’s right.

So, going to get my wild hair cut today and the boys too – family outing! woohoo! I think I’ll still look like a boy but it’s gradually growing.  It’ll be nice when I can go to the hairdressers and have a ‘girl’ cut and not trundle off with the boys for boy cuts!

Nathan gets his GCSE results on Thursday – so proud of him already anyway but hope he gets what he wants and needs for college. Then it’s back to school and work for us all in September.  I can’t wait to get back to work as I’ve missed it so much – and it gives me some normality (and much needed financial funds).

I also want to get our overgrown garden sorted, try and declutter by doing a boot fair.  And of course we need to get our caravan ready to sell – we’ve given it a good last send off!

So what’s next? …… I will have hospital check ups, doctors appointments, my last Zoladex injection, pre op meeting etc but nothing major until Monday 26th September when I go in for my next op – ovary removal! It all feels never ending but it’s just preventative ops now – all about keeping that cancer at bay so I can continue to make special memories with my family.

Every day is special so make the most of every moment! I’m certainly not sitting around and wasting my time, I’m cramming in as much as I possibly can! So live your lives and have fun!……. I’m aiming for some winter sun between my operations if we can schedule it – always good to have a focus to aim for  – other than staying alive of course! xxx



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