Wednesday 26th August 2015

That’s number 4 Herceptin done! Only 14 more to go! If all goes well should finish next June. But Herceptin is a drug that can be given continuously if needed to control the cancer. It’s good to have that option if needed. Let’s hope not though.

All went well today. Mostly waiting a round so took all morning. The actual herceptin injection only takes about 5 minutes – it’s all the checking and prep needed. The injection feels like a wasp sting as the liquid goes in and leaves a bit of a sore leg afterwards. Much better this way – I am so happy by body is tolerating this well.

So haven’t posted for a while as no news really – no news is good news! Since finishing radiotherapy, the last 3 weeks have been trying to get back to some sort of normal life. As it’s the summer holidays we’ve also been trying to visit and catch up with family and friends. It’s been good.

After radiotherapy my skin got worse before it got better. Exactly as they warned me. But thanks to my aloe vera my skin didn’t even blister, got a bit red but the aloe took that down pretty quick. It was extremely itchy last week. And I have an interesting square radiation tan on my back where it went through my body – interesting! wondered why my back and shoulder was so itchy. But all calmed down this week. Have still held off from swimming so as not to irritate my skin, but desperate to get back as I feel so lazy!

I can honestly say that this week I feel so much better – almost normal. My body still aches a lot and I get sharp nerve pain over the operation areas. Very tired, but I think this is due to not sleeping so good any more.

Now I am at the stage where half of me just wants to get back to work and some routine and normal life. But half of me needs to cram lots of stuff in – making memories. I think this feeling will fade as I gradually get on with life and slip back to routine again and the cancer is pushed slightly to the back of my mind. Not sure I’ll ever forget on a daily basis about it though. But life goes on! Hooray!!!!

What have we been up to? Well the weather’s been a bit rubbish so no beach days yet but have had lots of catching up with family and friends. We have been to visit our good friends Kara and Andy and boys – great weekend – lots of laughing and chatting. My longest friend, Emma, and her kids came to visit for the day – we’ve known each other for over 40 years!!! Wow! Again a lovely day. This weekend we’ve been to stay with my cousins, Gemma and Andy and family in Hertfordshire – we all laughed so much! Our teenage children have such a good sense of humour now – my jaw actually hurt from laughing. So needed. Laughing really is good therapy. And it was so nice to have the kids not attached to wifi! The next day we popped in to have lunch with Grandma Gwen – lovely to see her looking so well. And then finally on to Harry Potter Studios! I have been looking forward to this day for a long time – thank you Darren and Anne for buying this day out for us. Absolutely brilliant! Freya loved taking photos – I think over 200 in all! Definitely a recommended day out! And yesterday had a lovely catch up and natter with my sister.

2015-08-24 15.00.23 2015-08-24 15.27.08 2015-08-24 15.38.08 2015-08-24 15.48.15 2015-08-24 15.51.07 DSC00323

Lots of other stuff in between but that’s pretty much it.

But the most exciting news is that we booked a holiday to Turkey! All inclusive. We go next Wednesday for a week. I cannot describe all of our excitement. Needless to say I have been ‘gathering’ packing bits for the past few weeks which makes it even more exciting. This usually makes Phil really nervous as he doesn’t get excited or look forward to anything (unless it’s a vehicle!). But for the first time ever, over 20 years, he has ‘gathered’ packing items! This makes it even more exciting for me as I know he is excited too!!! Will of course upload some photos next time. We are all so in need of this holiday and some quality, happy family time together. Did I mention that I’m really excited!!!!

I must admit that all of the visiting absolutely shatters me out  so I need a few days to recover afterwards.  But it’s been so worth it.  Also after the holiday I plan to try and return to work at college 4 days a week.  I’ve missed work and all my work friends so much – can’t wait to get back.  Just hope my body co-operates!

So normality awaits! You never realise how much you appreciate a normal boring life until your life gets interesting in a bad way.  I am loving my life, my family and friends and all the treasured times with them and next week we’ll be making more memories in Turkey! güvenli seyahat (means safe travels in turkish!)


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