Thursday 2nd July 2015

Today was our Radiotherapy Planning Meeting, Phil and Nathan came with me.  I wasn’t worried about this at all. I think everyone else was more worried.  Walking into the Radiotherapy department in Colchester General was more like going into a modern hotel reception.  It was beautiful! Lovely floor tiles, nice friendly receptionists, free tea and coffee, lovely modern garden to sit in.  I actually forgot for a bit that I was there because I was sick!

All running on time so was called and went into a side room with a nice radiologist – most radiologists are really friendly and they all seem happy in their jobs!  Here we ran through the schedule of treatment – every week day from Thursday 16th July until Wednesday 5th August (which is my brother’s birthday so I think this is a good omen!). Starting the day after my next Herceptin dose on the Wednesday.  I am glad they are giving me a couple of weeks for my skin to heal more from the op.  I think I ripped the biomesh from some skin the other night as I twisted and the pain was a horrific scorching feeling – not good!

So, back to meeting, we ran through side effects which can include anything from tiredness, redness of skin, blisters, burning right through to serious lung damage, bone damage, wound opening etc.  As with every step so far they have to make you aware of everything just in case.  Dr Loo (my wonderful oncologist!) came in to check my scars,  go through more indepthly the side effects and to sign the consent forms.  It was good to see her again, I feel very confident in her care, she is straight talking and honest.  I really like her.

Then I was taken into the CT Scanner room.  The staff were lovely and showed us all pictures of the radiotherapy scanner and explained again what was going to happen.  It was interesting for Nathan as he loves Maths and Sciences – being a radiologist would be a good career for him!

Here’s a picture of the scanner.  I think it looks a bit like a torture contraption crossed with Stargate! very si-fi!


I had to remove my top clothing and lay down with my feet, legs, arms and head in the various blue supports.  They then adjusted everything to my comfort.  My arms are raised above my head so they were concerned with the cording in my arm but it was ok.  Then I had to lay very still while they took precise measurements of me.  I was tattooed with 3 tiny blue/black dots – 2 either side of my chest and one in the middle.  I have added a photo to medical pic section if anyone interested.  This didn’t really hurt – bit sensitive on new boob side but totally fine. They do this so each time I go for a treatment I can be aligned into an exact position. I then had to lay really still for the CT scan.  This only took a few minutes – the machine just moves you in and out of the donut bit of the machine – all fine.  I pretend I’m sunbathing on a beach – works for me!

And that was it.  Quite exciting, totally fine.  Looking forward to blasting any micro cancer away.


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