Wednesday 1st July 2015

Well, what a difference a week makes. I’m trying not to get too excited as there’s still such a long way to go but after the Herceptin being tolerated last week it feels like a huge massive weight has been lifted. I did feel a bit rubbish for a few days afterwards but totally doable. Emotionally I feel like I’ve won the lottery! Well, for any of you that saw my fb post we did win £25 but I mean win big! It would make being sick less stressful if we did! I feel lucky so you never know! I feel like I have been given a second chance – unlike those poor people in the Tunisia shooting! It makes you think.

I just feel that I can look forward more than a day now.  I have to stop myself trying to plan too much but I have allowed myself to think about the future with me in it. I know I will always have cancer hanging over me forever but for the first time I can actually see an end to this, albeit a year or so yet.

So after the Herceptin I was totally exhausted. I ached a lot! Felt like I was coming down with something and I didn’t actually realise how it had effected me until this week when I feel so much better. The Tamoxifen seems to be ok too – apart from the sweats and an elusive period, but that’s quite a good benefit. Few aches and pains but all in all feel almost normal. Well normal for a semi retired person – can’t even imagine how I’m going to manage work every day yet.  I get tired so easily now. Frustrating! I have to give myself time I know!

Physiotherapy is going well and I am gradually getting more movement in my arm.  Very painful when she works my arm to snap the cording but it’s good pain. I’ve been through far worse.

The weekend was lovely, helping out at the school fete with Freya – loads of people came up to chat which was lovely. Seeing family and friends – such a perfect weekend. And to top it off on Monday I got the go ahead to gently swim and to drive not too far depending how I felt. Went swimming, got in and first strokes were absolute agony – I wasn’t ready for that. I find swimming easy and usually swim loads (like 50-70 lengths) – I could hardly swim one! So instead of an elegant dolphin I flapped around on my back like a jellyfish. But it still felt so good. The cool water eased the sunburn feeling. It made me so happy. Plus freya loved me back in the water too. New boob feels funny in water.

These last few days have been gorgeous and sunny. I feel so much better in the warm.  The cold hurts right down to my bones now. I think we need to emigrate somewhere warm all year! Phil hasn’t been so busy at work so we have played at being retired and sat on our swing seat, had lunch together and ate ice cream – bliss. Simple things in life!  So happy. I appreciate every day so much now – I think it must be a feeling like when someone finds God and decides they need to be a vicar! It’s hard to describe, but I like it!

Went to the beach yesterday straight after school, walked and ate chips!


Went for a swim this morning and actually managed some lengths – not sure I looked much like a dolphin again yet but I am determined to get there and get myself stronger and fitter. It’s still painful but I know I can do it.

Today after school we went strawberry picking. Four for me, one for the pot! Yum. Strawberries are great for fighting cancer so it’s ok! I feel tired but it’s just so good to do some lovely family stuff (missing Lewis though as he’s on his school trip – it’s very quiet!)

Tomorrow is our planning meeting for radiotheraphy, will have a schedule then.  Not so worried so long as all goes smoothing.  Let’s hope so.

Will update soon.


One thought on “Wednesday 1st July 2015

  1. So glad things are going so well for you, you deserve it so much. It was lovely seeing you at College the last week of term too, looking forward now to seeing much more of you next term! Always remember that there are countless numbers of us behind you every step of the way and remember too “the Few” overcame unbelievable odds to win the first Battle of Britain, so you’re going to emulate them and win “The Battle of Britten, Mk11!


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