Tuesday 16th June 2015

I can’t believe how quick this year is whizzing by – not in a good way really. I think the whole of 2015 is going to be a wipeout year for us. There has been lots of good stuff to focus on too but unfortunately the horrible cancer stuff overrides everything.

I really hate cancer and what it is putting my family through!

But today is one of those days of reality and I have to face it for a bit.

So met with Dr Vivien Loo, my straight talking, no messing Oncologist! I love this woman – I love the way she tells me everything straight – no silly fluffing around the whole bad cancer thing!

Basically today was to discuss the next plan, there’s always a plan, and it is:

In about 10 days I will start radiotherapy, every weekday for 3 weeks. Focusing on the breast, chest, neck areas to blitz any stray cancer. I think she wanted to start sooner but because I have bad cording under my arm she wants me to see the physiotherapist before radio and to give me extra time to heal as she doesn’t want to risk my wounds opening.

Tomorrow I start Tamoxifen for 10 years – and fingers crossed no bad side effects – main one being ovarian cancer so any odd bleeding or stomach pain, straight up to hospital. It’s a bigger risk as I am pre menopause and this drug works by hitting the racing hormones! So will hit those ovaries and really make sure I hit the menopause – hello night sweats again I think!

Next week hope to start Herceptin – this is the targeted drug for the HER2+ hormone receptive cancer. Unfortunately Dr Loo is a little worried about the way I reacted to chemo in the past. So I will be admitted for the day. She would also like me to be given this via a vein and slowly – this way it could also be stopped straight away just in case. I will also be covered by extra antihistamines in case of a reaction again. If all goes well after a couple of treatments I could then have injections every 3 weeks for the year.

Normal side effects are flu like symptoms, extreme tiredness and a rash. Serious side effects include weakening of the heart which will be monitored by a muga heart scan every few months – but this can repair. It can also cause serious problems to the lungs – wheezing, coughing and breathlessness – if this happens I would be unable to continue. Really hope it doesn’t!

Some good news is that the cancer taken out had a growth rate of 20%. She said that if it was 15% it would be classed as slow growing. So I reckon 20% is good news!

So have a bit of organising to do and things should start again next week.

Today has been a reminder that this cancer journey is far from over. I am fed up already but need to stay positive for my family and just keep going. No other option is there really!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday 16th June 2015

  1. Good to see a plan Trace and an honest one from Dr Loo. I suppose deep down we/you always knew this cancer would take a year to 2 years to get through and longer looking over your shoulder so to speak. Look how far you have got so far and how many months have past. Stop worrying about everyone….a year is nothing to them but massive to you. I know you find it hard to not feel guilty….that’s being a mum and a wife. But the main thing is to get you through each bloody hurdle. Let’s really hope you have had your fair share of bad side effects and this next part you cope with better.
    It is good news that it’s almost slow growing cancer and it is good news less than a third of your lymphs were cancerous and it is good that there are more drugs to fright any escaped cancer cells. And it is good that the chemo was worth the pain and attacked the cancer Iin your killer boob. This is all positive and herceptin is proven to help a lot so let’s hope your body will cope. It will cope and you are a strong women! X
    One step at a time and the radiotherapy will be full on so if Phil needs help taking you there we can do a rota if you would like? I’m happy to take you as much as I can and arrange help with Amora wherever I can.
    Also….lets plan some nice things to look forward to. We have mums 70th party, and birthdays ahead. In the school holidays we can have picnics at the beach and welcome to come over for a change of scenery. We can have some lunches out and even plan a shopping day if you feel up to it.
    We are here if you need us, for you and the family…..just ask!!
    Love you my dear sister. XXX


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