Wednesday 3rd June 2015

Today is 1 week post the biggest op I’ve ever had in my life! I still feel so lucky to be alive!

I have been in pain this last week comparable to childbirth! I knew I would hurt but I wasn’t prepared for this much hurt! It even hurts to breath and speak! Not good, but I am managing and it seems to be easing slightly day by day. The medical staff seem to think it is due to my lack of excess fat that is causing more pain!!! See people – there is a positive to having some reserves so stop dieting like crazy as you may need your flesh! Be happy and curvy!

In the last week we’ve had a few issues with drains and been up and down to the hospital to get sorted but all ok. I thought it was going to be awful having them removed but it’s just a weird dragging feeling and a little uncomfortable. I thought I’d have the 3rd one removed today but Mr Chakravorty thinks it best we leave it in another couple of days, so back again on Friday to get checked again and hopefully have it removed then. It will be so much more comfortable and easier being drain free!

The appointment today went well. I have felt better today – maybe because it’s been sunny, or I actually got some sleep last night, or the excitement of being unwrapped, or maybe just the drugs! who knows but it’s a good sign and I feel much more positive.

All the sticky wrapping has been peeled off – my skin is a little sore but that will heal. All the padding has come off too and now I’m left with just some small dressings over the wound across my boob. My underarm is still very sore and swollen but on the whole hardly any bruising. I was really expecting to be black and blue but it’s ok. I feel very numb and tingly too but I think this is normal. It’s a very strange sensation. Then the constant feeling of being hugged far too tight – I wonder if they lent on my ribs during surgery – it certainly feels like it. Dr Chakravorty reminded me I have had major surgery and what you see on the outside is not a good representation of what has gone on inside. This explains the deep pain I am feeling.

Mr Chakravorty seemed happy with his work I think – he’s very professional and serious. He let me look in the mirror – it was so sweet of him to let me look first – mind you, I was so excited I don’t think he had much choice. I’m not sure he’s used to people getting so excited over surgery and medical stuff! I’m sure by the end of all this he will get used to me though.

He said my other boob will need some work in time to even up – from my weight loss and from feeding 3 babies it’s a bit saggy! But hey – don’t diss the healthy boobie! He also confirmed that it was definitely the right way to go with the mastectomy which was great to hear. I have uploaded some pictures if anyone wants to see – feel free!

Still a long way to go as still a risk of rejection. Plus need to wait for the results from pathology next wednesday – I really hope it will all come back ok, but I am also preparing my self that it may not – fingers crossed. He says he did the absolutely best he could do with what he had – basically I think he was a little restricted because I had very little fat and flesh to use. So lucky I didn’t ask him for bigger boobies then! I am very happy with my little coconut! He is an amazing surgeon and today I am a little overwhelmed with how good I look just a week after surgery. Shame I don’t feel so good yet but hopefully that will come with time.

So just need to wait now for more appointments with Dr Chakravorty and then back to Dr Loo in oncology to discuss when I start Herceptin. I just really hope I don’t have too many side effects with it! Still a long way to go – one step at a time.


Another positive is my hair is growing back fast! I have a fluffy coating already.


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