Tuesday 19th May 2015

Today I am 6 weeks post chemo and pretty much feeling human again.

Last week I started to drive again locally – difficult due to the body pain still but feels good to get some independence and normality back.

I’ve been allowed to swim too and I can’t tell you how good this feels. It’s the only time I don’t hurt – may be the support of the water on my body, or just my mind – but who cares, it feels so good. It’s good to be a mermaid again! Me and Freya spend our spare time watching H2O Mermaid Adventures! Freya looks like a beautiful mermaid when she swims. I look like a bald mermaid – not quite the same, but who cares.


So I’ve been cramming lots in this last week as I’ve almost felt normal. The pain is totally tolerable most of the time and I can block it out. I’ve been concentrating on getting as fit as I can to cope with the op next week. Yes, just a week to go – getting anxious and really hope it goes ok, but trying not to think too much. Day by day!

2015-05-10 13.54.112015-05-10 14.35.25

I’ve had lovely lunches with friends – old and new, lots of cups of tea too. Cuddled Pandora the most adorable pug puppy – so cute! I’ve managed to pick Freya up from school most days which is the best thing ever!

Simple things in life. Freya had her stall at the craft market on Saturday (she made £30!) – I spent most of the time chatting and drinking more tea!

2015-05-04 14.42.47  freyastall pandorapugpupamora2

Had a brilliant weekend at my gorgeous niece, Amora’s 2nd birthday party. Saw my lovely family who have all helped us so much. Then to top the evening had a surprise visit from Sarah – my reflexology study buddy and her twin sis – I hadn’t seen this beautiful girl for 8 years! Another positive to cancer – brings old friends back together x

We’ve also been looking at holidays that we could do – can’t book anything but we can dream. I need to take the kids to some warm blue sea with fishes – the Maldives would be perfect but realistically we may get to Spain. This year is pretty much out as everything has had to be cancelled but looking at brochures and planning possibilities is still good (Maldives is not a possibility but the dream of it is good and who knows what the future brings!)

The boys are all ok – tonight Dominos pizza has helped. I tried to make homemade healthier pizza but it just wasn’ t the same!  They have lots of boy time – tonight is movie night with American Sniper!!!! Needless to say me and Freya will be watching more mermaids!

On the whole I have spent time cleaning the house, gardening, cooking and getting as much organised as I can before I’m resting again after op! It feels so good to be able to take some pressure off Phil and the kids. Love my beautiful family. I love and appreciate a lot now – the smallest stuff –  more than I ever imagined.  Cancer changes you big time!

Today I have again met some amazing ladies on a Look Good Feel Good pamper day. We had lessons on how to put makeup on properly. Of course I had no idea what I was doing but learnt loads. I am actually loving that I can get ready even quicker with no hair! But we got a bag of freebies – all lovely stuff. Here are my before and after pics – needless to say my family didn’t notice any difference. Love them for this! Everyone has got used to my lack of hair now and kids think I look funny in the photos with hair. Think I may stay short, we’ll see x


With a week to go I hope to get some more sewing done, more lunches and bbqs with friends and family, more swimming, more movies and we hope to get to Colchester Zoo for a family day out, maybe the beach too before my op – how much can I cram in! Also need to fit a few hospital and doctors appointments in. Will be keeping busy to keep my mind off the ‘what if’s’ of next week!


6 thoughts on “Tuesday 19th May 2015

  1. Loving the new look there! I thoroughly enjoyed my Look Good Feel Better Day too, although it was a tad disconcerting when a room full of fully “haired up” ladies removed their wigs! They all looked so good I’d been convinced it was all their own!!! It sounds like you’ve got a busy time pre op, all of which sounds great! You’re going to sail thru next week, and before you know it, you’ll be back home snuggling infront of Mermaids again! Keep smiling! Linda x


  2. It sounds lovely. You are right, cancer can bring people closer together and help us appreciate our families and friends. Enjoy them, and swimming. xx


  3. I am so pleased your managing to fit some lovely fun things in with your family and friends prior to your op. You have had a particular rough ride and I hope the worst is behind you. Wishing you all the best Tracey for the 27th hope it all goes smoothly for you. Love Lynda xx


  4. Not sure if you will remember me. We meet one day while I was walking my dog Molly. Wishing you all the best for Wednesday and hope all goes well. My daughter is also due to have an op on wed. Totally understand how you feel. Scared as hell.


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