Friday 8th May 2015

Tonight we watched The Fault in our Stars on sky – I’d read the book already but the film was brilliant. It was sad but also amazing – it made me feel how lucky I am to be 43! Still hope to get to 83! Makes me feel old, although I am classed as young to be dealing with this level of breast cancer – average age is between 50-70. It reminded me that if kids go through this horrid cancer stuff then I can deal with it and to make the most of every day we have here. Emotional.

Still in pain – mainly my body from the chemo – affects to my digestive system and ovaries still. But I managed yoga yesterday and have discovered that doing things doesn’t make me better or worse. I just need to live with the pain – the doctors don’t seem concerned so long as it doesn’t get worse! So hope to be back swimming next week for a bit before op. We can be dolphins and mermaids again Freya!

I also found out today that my surgery is booked for Wednesday 27th May – in a few weeks. This gives me some more time to get my poor body back into gear and as fit and healthy as it can be to cope with the op. Should only be 4-5 hours which is shorter than we were originally told so that’s good too. I need to be there for 7am, ready for op about 8.30am. Lucky it falls in half term so kids can stay in bed while Phil drops me off – the waiting is going to be horrid that day – glad I’ll be out of it!

Hopefully all will go to plan. Then the wait for pathology to report their findings of my flesh! They have assured me that I will wake up! I hope they keep their promise!

I also have some new ‘super-hold-everything-in’ bra’s that should help control bruising with the new boob! They are more like corsets with lots of hooks and eyes! One black and one bright red! They have warned me I will be very odd looking after the op – one boob up, one down, one big and swollen, one not etc etc – will be an interesting sight! I will post some pics for you medical people of the new boob when it is unpeeled! I think my surgeon must feel a bit like an artist for Madam Tussauds! We’ll soon see what his art is like.

So wish me luck and hope I wake up cancer clear!


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