Sunday 12th April 2015

Good Morning to everyone! Well this cancer stuff sure makes you look at everything in a whole new way! It’s almost like seeing a new world and only seeing the good in the people around you! And yesterday was testament to that – my darling gorgeous daughter, Freya, had the most perfect 10th birthday party all thanks to my family and friends that helped. I could not have done this myself. Plus we have found my mum’s calling in life – she made the most amazing children’s party organiser! I suppose she always has done as I have fab memories of my birthday parties as a child – thank you so much mum. Have uploaded loads of pictures of the day onto my fb page – thanks to Michelle’s new camera. Have I said thanks enough yet???

So I’m still really drugged up, wobbly woozey, hurting, can’t speak properly, can hardly type, walk or anything pretty useless really. And to top it off my arse has gone so saggy due to serious lack of exercise! I am going to try a gentle yoga class tomorrow – maybe! So annoying! But I feel positive and I am not throwing up, so that’s good. Plus today is a beautiful sunny April day – I am going to try and get into the garden and work on my mini allotment seedlings. Planning doesn’t usually go down well so we’ll see!

Onwards and upwards!

DSC_0560 DSC_0542 DSC_0660


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