Friday 10th April 2015

Firstly thank you everyone family and friends for all your lovely messages – you are all keeping me going! Especially the gorgeous brave girls from March Marvels 2015 – couldn’t do this without you all. And everyone who has helped so much with food, crazy shopping requests and helping with the children so much. Thank you.

So, I’m alive and I survived chemo 2 so far! I feel so lucky, I actually have no idea how to put how I feel into words – first for me! This dreadful cancer and treatment truly does change how you look and feel about everything. Absolutely everything! I actually feel in a strange wrong way this is a gift to open my eyes even more – so weird! I feel such an urge to help more people but I know first I must help myself – so excuse me if I come across as a little selfish for a while – bear with me!

Back to Wednesday then. Unfortunately my beautiful sis was poorly so plans to spend some sisterly time had to change. So happy she came to visit me before hand – even from a distance! thank you for making the effort Shell, love you so much too. So my friend, Hannah, called her mum Jane to the rescue – and what a pleasant journey that was – she delivered me straight to the chemo suite – so lucky as my brain is totally chemo-ed out and I am sure I would have got lost! Had a nice recliner seat and fed and looked after but had to wait hours as there was no bed on the ward and there was no way they were going to risk giving me chemo with no bed this time! I am a big risk now! But I must admit I was so looked after. I cannot praise all the staff enough – all of them! And very tolerant of my endless question asking! Our NHS gets knocked so much but they have really cared for me.

So in short the Plan came together – just like the A-team for those of you who are old enough to remember – thanks to my bro I remember them well! All anti sickness seems to be working so far – have new products now. The Lorazepam spaced me out brilliantly. My bowels are all sort of ok – thank goodness, piles reduced. I have mastered the white cell booster injections – easy peasy lemon squeezey – although some wobbly side effects since coming home and feel a bit woozey. And a little wary of the nasty side effects they can give. But I am home. Have missed everyone so so much, especially puppy as she can’t text – she’s laying at my feet now so I think she missed me too – I love that dog. Hope you are all feeling the love for life and everything from this post tonight! Don’t know what I would have done without fb and texting – thank you friends for getting me through this.

So I’m going to take some more drugs and go to bed ready for Freya’s party tomorrow. Unfortunately I will have to hide out of the way but I can help my beautiful daughter to get ready – proper pamper morning I think! Night night all xxx


3 thoughts on “Friday 10th April 2015

  1. You truly are, an absolute inspiration. I feel so privileged to have met you today. Take good care of yourself, will keep you in my mind. Kat xx


  2. Tracey, you are an inspiration to us all. I am so glad I could be there for you this time, even though we were on different journeys. When I’m better I relish the fact that I can help you more.
    You are my hero, and you have no idea how your attitude and inner beauty have helped me so much.
    Love you xxxxx Jindy


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